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The Carelastin Hay fever alarm



  • Creative strategy
  • Creative Concept

Carelastin is an OTC medicine that alleviates hay fever symptoms quick yet long lasting. We created the social campaign for this (new) product introduction on the Dutch market. We timed the introduction of the campaign with the start of hay fever season in the Netherlands.

Sound the alarm

People who are extra sensitive for hay fever or allergy attacks say it feels like they experience it as an immediate emergency. So they prefer a product that can offer instant relief.

This is exactly what Carelastin does. To emphasize this message we coupled the product to an object that is specifically designed to be used in a emergency: the fire alarm.

Social campaign and Digital Out of Home

The ‘Carelastin Hay Fever Alarm’ campaign is promoted online during moments of increased pollen counts in the air. The campaign effort is based on current updates from online sources like