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Beat the little green monster with CB12



  • Creative Concept
  • Managing Production

Pharma giant Mylan wanted to refresh the CB12 brand with a new campaign. It’s hard to tell someone that their breath could use some refreshment, so we came up with a fun solution: let’s make a monster out of bad breath, but one you can easily beat.

A smart, funny campaign with a very distinctively retro look & feel


Improve brand awareness

The key objective was to boost brand awareness. The CB12 brand has a well-known competitor that it wanted to challenge. And it worked. The CB12 brand got a very significant boost as a result of the campaign.

Why so serious?

CB12 needed to take a break from the serious “Dentists and experts recommend...” style of messaging. We developed a new narrative, visual style and tone of voice, introducing a breath of fresh air to the way CB12 communicates.