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10 years of success in Dutch telecom



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Fast rewind to 2010: we create the hollandsnieuwe brand and it’s an instant success. Now, 10 years later, hollandsnieuwe is still a dominant brand in the Dutch telecom industry with distinctive key values: clear, understandable, honest, innovative & challenging.

hollandsnieuwe has set the stage for the new normal in telecom

CEO Vodafone The Netherlands

Reinvention of the subscription model

In 2010, hollandsnieuwe introduced a new business model: a fixed monthly subscription for a fixed amount of data, calls or texts. This was a revolution back then; now it’s common practice. This proposition reshaped the market, and our very inclusive, fresh brand explains its huge success.

Big compliment

The brand and proposition have been copied internationally, which we think is a very big compliment. This no-nonsense brand still has the highest customer satisfaction scores in the market, proving its value to customers. Visit the hollandsnieuwe website.