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Disaster haircuts, but at least they are lice free



  • Creative strategy
  • Creative Concept

Prioderm suffered from increased competition with house name brands. They offer very similar products, but Prioderm has a higher price point. They are a more high-end product in the market, but are not necessarily more effective. So we wanted to boost awareness without focusing too much on features of their products.

The good old days

Lucky for us, Prioderm is the only Dutch brand that has been assisting parents in their fight against head lice for more than 40 years. So we focused on reinforcing the emotional connection between parents and the Prioderm brand. Because back when the (now) parents were in school, their hairdos were often treated with Prioderm as well.

Social campaign and Digital Out of Home

Because of the remarkable and universally funny properties of our campaign, it was a huge success on social media. We beat all the benchmarks of previous campaigns on criteria like; comments, likes, shares and reach.