Our Approach

Digital Design

We design and build brand, campaign and eCommerce websites for a wide range of organisations in telecom, finance, technology and consumer goods.

Design the Right Thing

UX Strategy

All user experience starts with knowledge. Often research or data analysis brings insights and provides initial direction. Design Sprints are also a very helpful aid in choosing the most valuable route to take. The UX strategy results in a high-level flow and design of your digital service or interface, preferably tested with real users.

UX Design

We now design the interface in detail. In this stage, we focus on getting all interface elements in the right place on the right page. All pages (or ‘touchpoints’) are defined to the smallest detail and signed off by the stakeholders. The development process also starts: defining the requirements, setting up the Content Management System (CMS), hosting and test plan.

Design the Thing Right

UI Design

This phase is about visually designing the interface as it will look to the user. Here we incorporate brand logos, colours, typefaces and other visual elements that are unique to the brand. The end results are page, tool and app designs that are ready for technical development. Based on UI the development translates this UI into frontend code. Our developers connect the frontend with the CMS.

Design Systems

We advise our clients to work with Design Systems. These are smart libraries of visual elements like icons, buttons, logo usage, colour schemes and typefaces. The aim here is to enable expansion of the brand digitally and ensure that the visual style stays the same over time, Design Systems have proven to be very valuable and have a very positive ROI.


We work as one team

We strongly believe that teamwork is the way to get the best results. The key to this is combining your knowledge of markets and audiences and our creativity. Since 2004, this has led to tangible successes with clients like Vodafone, Google, Philips, Nationale-Nederlanden, and many more.