Our Approach

Brand Strategy & Design

Whether you’re developing a new brand or you want to update your current brand, we believe digital communication plays a key role.

Key Values


The first step in creating or improving a strong, high-value brand is to determine your objectives. Who is your target audience? What do you want to achieve from a business point of view? We’ll tackle these issues together before we start thinking about positioning your brand.


This phase starts with defining your brand values in a brand key, based on your proposition. What do you believe in? What is the brand mission? What sets you apart from your competition and how can we emphasise your uniqueness? We’ll come up with the answers, and set the stage for your brand story.

Every brand is a story

Brand Story

Your brand will be written as a story, with a personality and specific human traits. We work with Jung’s 12 brand archetypes. This phase results in a unique and compelling brand narrative, and a clear set of unique brand characteristics.

Brand Identity

In this final phase, we design your brand: logo, typefaces, colour schemes, tone of voice and enough design examples to really bring the brand to life. Because we specialise in digitally focussed brands, all elements will be tested in all kinds of digital media.


We work as one team

We strongly believe that teamwork is the way to get the best results. The key to this is combining your knowledge of markets and audiences, and our creativity. This has led to tangible successes since 2004 with clients like Vodafone, Google, Philips, Nationale-Nederlanden, and many more.