New! Chunk custom built CMS

Now you can also have your corporate website or campaign landing page brought to life by Chunk’s Content Management System.

For who?

Companies or organisations that look for a one-stop-shop solution when it comes to bringing the design or campaign landing page to life online. It’s quick to set-up, very affordable and we deliver personal service, before, during and afterwards.


The CMS is based on the powerful open source system Prismic. It’s very flexible, used globally by thousands of websites and it’s “headless”. This means a superfast website or page because it is fully generated at the server side and published as a client side website or page. So the user experiences a seamless experience that doesn’t require any contact with the server. We create the content in Next.js which is extremely flexible in its possibilities. Adding or changing templates is easy. Plus the CMS publishes 100% mobile ready pages, putting the majority of your users first row.